Hello and Welcome

Welcome to our Skibby Learning Center (SLC).  For more than thirty years, the SLC has provided tutorial services for students of all abilities and ages.  We have developed instructional strategies meaningful to our students and aiding them to succeed in school, achieve higher scores on entrance exams and gain self-esteem through their educational achievements.

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As one of Orange County’s premier educational consultants, SLC has provided tutoring and testing services to families in the greater Newport Beach are for more than three decades.  We know you have many choices, and while many tutoring centers focus on “homework help”, SLC believes in an individual approach in order to make a lasting difference.

At SLC, we instill the love of learning, making academic lessons meaningful, relevant and interesting for the student.  With a myriad of educational services, SLC provides the opportunity for students to learn and flourish in a comfortable environment, with specialized and individualized instruction.

why choose us

Private Lessons

Tutorial sessions are one-to-one unless specified.  Your student will have the individual attention they deserve.  SLC works closely with students of all ages and abilities, recognizing the unique requirements for all learners.  We recognize the varying learning styles of students, including identified learning challenges and we are able to provide instruction that enhances their learning needs.

We are Teachers!

At SLC, we are Educational Experts, not just tutors or ninjas.  All instructors are credentialed and/or with advanced training or degrees in their area of expertise.  With more than 30 years expertise offering tutorial services, SLC continues to approach teaching with educational methodologies proven to be successful.

Learning Modalities

Few students learn solely by rote memory, reading or listening to a teacher provide instruction in a classroom.  At SLC, we make learning fun and significant.  We strive to help students at all levels and abilities, even those identified with learning or behavioral challenges.  Instruction at SLC allows students to learn by enhancing their strengths and creating lessons that help them succeed.  Our methods utilize visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities that are meaningful and relevant to the student, yet focus on their academic or subject needs.

Test Preparation

SLC offers preparation for entrance exams for higher education and private school placement.  This may include GED, SAT, ACT, or ISEE.

Former students at SLC have demonstrated the success of our instruction by their improved test scores or the passing of academic tests.

Homeschooling Help

In Orange County and throughout California, many parents are seeking alternatives to traditional classroom instruction.  We recognize the need for academic and subject preparation for homeschooled students.  We focus on the California State Common Core Standards and Subject Domains.  SLC can assist students in all subjects, including reading and language skills, elementary and advanced mathematical skills, instructional remediation, academic enrichment, essay writing and test preparation.

Decades of Dedication

SLC has more than thirty years serving the Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa and surrounding communities.  We are dedicated to enhancing the academic success of each student through the personalized instruction by our Educational Experts.